Who Needs You – Queen

Who Needs You

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Who Needs You


Testo canzone

I make half past six , you come at se ven.
Al ways trying to keep me hang in’ round
You litt le spoilt thing, girl you kept me wai ting.
Ne ver con tem pla ting my point of view

This comes as no sur prise.
I’m a fool, for I be lieved your lies.
But now I’ve seen through your dis guise.
Who needs, well I don’t need,
Who needs you?

Oh, I be lieved in you.
Went on my knees to you.
How I trus ted you,
but you turned me down.
But it’s dog eat dog in this rat race.
And it leaves you blee ding ly ing flat on your face.
Reach ing out, reach ing out for a hel ping hand.

Mmm mmm whoo hoo,
Well I don’t need you!

How I was pushed a round.
“Don’t let it get you down”
You walked all o ver me.
“But don’t you e ver give in.”

Ta king 1 step for wards slip pin’, 2 steps back.
There’s an emp ty fee ling that you can’t for get.
Reach ing out for a hel ping hand.

When I met you, you were al ways char ming.
Could n’t sleep at night ’till you were mine
You were oh so so, so phis ti ca ted.
Ne ver in te res ted in what I’d say.

I had to swal low my pride.
So na ive, you took me for a ride.
But now I’m the one to de cide
Who needs, well I don’t need,
who needs you?!


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