Walk Like An Egyptian (2).txt – Bangles

walk like an egyptian (2).txt

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walk like an egyptian (2).txt


Testo canzone

“walk like an egyptian)
(The Bangles)
all the old paintings on the
tomb they do the sand dance

don’cha know
if they move too quick
oh eh oh

they’re falling down like a domino
and the bazaar man by the
nile he got the money

on a bet
for the crocodiles
oh eh oh

they snap their teeth
on a cigarette
foreign types with their

hookah pipes sing
eh oh eh oh oh eh eh eh oh eh oh
walk like an egyptian

the blonde waitresses take their
trays spin around

and they cross the floor
they’ve got the moves
oh eh oh

you drop your drink
then they bring you more
all the school kids so sick of

books they like the punk
and the metal band
when the buzzer rings

oh eh oh
they’re walking like an egyptian
all the kids in the marketplace say

eh oh eh oh oh eh eh eh oh eh oh
walk like an egyptian
(Solo Guitar)

it’s like feet astreet
bend your back
shift your arm then you pull a clock

like sergeant oh
oh eh oh
so strike a pose on a cadillac

if you want to find all the cops
they’re hanging out
in the donut shop

they sing and dance
oh eh oh
they spin their clock

cruise on down the block
all the japanese with their yen
the party boys call the kremlin

the chinese know
oh eh oh
they walk along like egyptians

all the cops in the donut shops say
eh oh eh oh oh eh eh eh oh eh oh
walk like an egyptian

walk like an egyptian


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