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Testo della canzone
A bad little kid moved into my neighborhood.
He won't do nothing right just
sitting down and looks so good!
He don't want to go to school
and learn to read and write!
Just sits around the house and
plays the rock and roll music all night!
Well, he put some tacks on teachers chair!
Puts some gum in little girl's hair!
Hey, junior, behave yourself!
Buys every rock and roll
book on the magazine stand.
Every dime that he get is
lost to the jukebox man!
Well he worries his teacher
till at night she's ready to poop!
From rocking and arolling
spinning in a hula hoop!
Well this rock and roll has got to stop
Junior's head is hard as rock!
Now, junior, behave yourself!
Going tell your mama you
better do what she said.
Get to the barber shop and
get that hair cut off your head!
Threw the canary and you
fed it to the neighbors cat!
You gave the cocker spaniel
a bath in mother's laundramat!
Well, mama's head has got to stop!
Junior's head is hard as rock!
Now, junior, behave yourself!
Now, junior, behave yourself!

Bad Boy - (v3) The Beatles.

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